Bitcoin casino – The world of online betting just got more interesting

Depicting using Bitcoin to play Roulette Depicting using Bitcoin to play Roulette

Although the bitcoin casino model has been around since 2012 it’s the last couple of years that it has really began taking off across all avenues. The first bitcoin casino only offered online free blackjack to begin with. As the months and years went by, online casino bitcoin started to introduce the likes of roulette and poker to it’s menu until now pretty much all games, including bitcoin live casino, are available. It was impossible to have a best bitcoin casino at that point as each online UK casino offered something completely different to each other. The bitcoin casino software has also considerably improved during this time, introducing provably fair gambling to ensure you are always playing fairly when on bitcoin casino online.

It’s been 4 years since bitcoin casino UK players have been licensed to play from within the UK

Even though people from the UK could previously play bitcoin casino UK, it wasn’t until 2014 that the UK was licensed. This made it extremely difficult, when playing from an anonymous point of view, to be able to bring to light if you thought you had been cheated in any way. There are still many UK bitcoin casino that aren’t licensed and it is said to be a good idea to tread carefully with these ones.

When using an online casino bitcoin users were previously not given the options they now have

Apart from the anonymity that bitcoin offers it’s customers, people using the casino bitcoin format where using it as guinea pigs to a certain degree towards the beginning. No one knew if this format was going to take off. There was still debate as to whether cryptocurrency itself would last the distance so there was wariness from all sides as to how much capital to put into such a venture that could, for all intents and purposes, wind up exhausting itself out and becoming a what if story. When the longevity of the idea started to be proven, the bitcoin casino legal information was updated, licensing laws started to come into play and you could play a lot safer whilst still remaining anonymous. When I use the word anonymity, when you sign up you would still, in most cases have to provide an email address and a username, however, because of the format behind bitcoin, a lot of the common KYC checks that exist with most online casinos wouldn’t be used here.

It may not be the easiest bonus to find but the bitcoin casino no deposit bonus is the most sought after

As with all casinos, the promotions and bonuses play a big part in what casino customers sign up to. The problem with a lot of the bitcoin bonuses are that you have to wager a large amount before receiving said bonus. The bitcoin casino no deposit bonus eradicates that. This will allow you to receive a bonus without having to contribute a deposit first. It’s always worthwhile looking into all promotions that your loyalty will allow you to receive but the no deposit bonus is always the one you really want to see.

No review is ever complete without a look at the bitcoin casino slots that are available for your enjoyment

When you are playing you bitcoin casino slots, again, ideally, you’re looking for anything that will give you an added advantage on beating the house. Bitcoin casino free spins are that advantage. Every slot may look similar whilst playing but they will have their own different bonus or features that will bring up the free spins. Most casinos will give you a free bitcoin casino option, allowing you to play the slots without having to pay, giving you the opportunity to learn the game inside out before having to pay to play. This is always a good idea to do as it’s the only way to become the bitcoin casino pro you want to be.

There are multiple options available to you when looking at a casino bitcoin users can play with

If you type into your search engine bitcoin casinos, the first so many pages will be bitcoin only casinos. You may not wish to limit your options like that though. A lot of the big name casinos have not wanted to miss out on their piece of the pie so they have added bitcoin as an additional currency to their website giving you further security because it’s a known name and their sites have been operating for decades. This can mean the level of support will be higher, you are more inclined to bet high from the word go, the transactions process is already well known to you, you know you will receive a daily or weekly offer, you know how to make a payment, the deposits structure is perfect, any number of reason may lead you to opt for one of the already popular names on the market.

On the other side of the coin, bitcoin only casinos are structured for the bitcoin casino uk user. Their site and promotions will be aimed at bitcoin users and only bitcoin users. You won’t need to ask as many questions as the customer support are trained in only cryptocurrency. Their rating on online casinos may not be as high but compare them solely to other bitcoin casino operators. It’s based on you and how you feel at the end of the day. You check through the latest information available to you, accept that some of what you read may be biased at times and decide who you wish to be a customer with going forward.

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